Weekly Recommendations for 2/28/2018

Saga #49

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Saga is the multiple Eisner Award-winning space-opera crossed with fantasy themes and it's oh so juicy. This issue centers around fake news and terror.

The Terrifics #1

I'm pretty hyped for this. D.C. describes this as, "Bound together by fate, united by the spirit of exploration and hope for tomorrow, the Terrifics bound from the Dark Multiverse of Meta! When Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl find themselves literally bound together by a tragic accident, our team of unlikely allies must rely on one another to make their way back home. But a startling revelation on their return trip brings them face to face with a new mystery: where in the universe is Tom Strong?"

Moon Knight #192

Hopefully Max Bemis and Jacen Burrows run of Moon Knight keep this level of action piling on! In this issue Bushman and Sun King lure Marc to a tropical island but it's definitely not a vacation by anyone's standard.

Mera Queen of Atlantis #1

Mera leaps from the pages of Aquaman and into her own adventure! We're anxious to see what awaits the Queen of Atlantis in her first issue. Definitely pick this up.

That's it for our few recommendations of the week, although there's tons of good books out right now. Look us up next week for our picks and feel free to let us know what goodies you found in the comments below.

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