Grand Opening August 1st!

We aren't announcing the location yet, but we have secured financing and gotten an excellent deal on a lease in the Bay Area. If all goes according to plan, our store:
Green Machine Comics will be opening August 1st.

Hooray for COMICS!!! WE WILL HAVE COMICS! OODLES AND OODLES OF COMICS! I don't know how much an oodle is, but I hear it is a significant measurement of some kind. Also, we plan on carrying games, collectible merch such as Funko Pop! and trading card games like Magic the Gathering.

What does this also mean for our creative friends and creative locals? Well, we love the local creator scene, and we have a location that gets excellent foot traffic. So you are all invited to host workshops, run podcasts, and schedule your book releases or signings at our comic shop, free of charge. We just ask that you let us promote your event.

We will also have a "Local Creators Shelf." So if you are an artist, writer, photographer, creator, etc., we will happily push your merch in store and pay you through PayPal. So long as you are a decent person and we have the shelf space. (It sucks that I have to add this disclaimer but, we reserve the right to choose what we have up on this shelf in our store.)

Also, since we are both disabled combat veterans we feel it is important to mention that we will be offering a permanent discount for first responders (fire, police, emt) and veterans. You are welcome and loved here at Green Machine.

You've found your way here so you can see our website is still a bit barebones on content, but we will be filling it as we progress. I'd urge you to check out our News page which has up to date RSS feeds of various comic book news sites and sources.

Well, I think that's it for now. We will have some perks for folks who sign up for our pull list as well as a few other new merch, but we can't announce any of that just yet. Soon though.

So set a date in your calendar because

August 1st is the grand opening of

Green Machine Comics.

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