Weekly Recommendations for 3/14/18

Detective Comics #976

I admit this is on the list because I'm bias. I really really love Detective Comics these days. This is Batman Eternal part one and the Family is broken, putting fan favorite Red Robin and Batman on a collision course.


Avengers #684

I guess it's superteam week because we already have two on the list. There's a bigger plot at play but all you really have to know about this issue is three little words, "Immortal Hulk unleashed." I can't wait.


Sideways #2

Fallout from the Dark Nights: Metal event has been pretty fun! So now we have a new hero to celebrate. High school junior Derek James fell through a rift and now he can create them at will to leap through other dimensions! With new heroes comes new villains though. The extradimensional keeper of time Tempus Fuginaut has taken notice of young Derek and issued him a death threat.


Mister Miracle #7

I hadn't been following Mister Miracle and my buddy set me straight on what I'd been missing out. I aim to fix this hole in my life starting with issue #7. This week Mister Miracle and Big Barda are struggling to counter the Female Furies that have shown up looking for blood.

So many books but there are our 4 biggest pics of the week. Did you like any of our suggestions? Did you feel we missed something big? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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