DC and Hanna-Barbera Crossovers Announced!

I grew up in the 80s so I spent a lot of Saturday mornings with Cookie Crisp cereal, plopped in front of a tv bouncing back and forth between MTV and old Hanna-Barbera reruns. I can do impersonations of most of the characters and I'm not lying when I say I can do a perfect impression of Scooby Doo AND Shaggy. I even have a bit where I have them sing a duet of Eazy-E's Boyz N The Hood. It's safe to say I love these cartoons and they tend to bring a smile to my face. Obviously D.C. Comics do the same thing for me so this match-up is a win/win for me. In fact when I rolled out of bed today and the other owner of the shop texted me that there was a new DC / Hanna-Barbera crossover and I looked at this pictures, I laughed to the point of tears. I'm going to list these one-shots in order from entertaining to hysterical.


Never a big Dynomutt and Blue Falcon fan although Blue Falcon's name means something comical to us veterans. Seeing this crossover with the Super Sons sort of makes sense to me. This crossover has Blue Falcon acting evil and attacking his partner Dynomutt and the Super Sons need to get to the bottom of it. This cover looks the least comical of the lot to me but I'll still check this out.


Now we're talking. Starting to get pretty comical although Speed Buggy looks like he's absolutely serious at solving whatever case he is on but I don't see his teammates anywhere. Kind of disappointing considering the mechanic Tinker was like a poor man's Shaggy. Still it sort of makes sense to pair these two up. This has the two testing out the limits of the Speed Force and falling through time into a post apocalyptic future. That sounds entertaining and worth a read.


This crossover makes perfect sense to me. Two martial arts heroes in what looks like something straight out of a 70s Kung Fu films. I'm really digging the look of this comic and I laughed pretty hard when I saw this. This story involves martial-arts magic and assassins.


HAHAHAHA That pic is amazing! This crossover makes perfect sense. A talking shark and Aquaman. I am grinning from ear to ear just looking at that image again. This issue has Aquaman investigating some Shark attacks only to find that people aren't being mauled so much as being chatted up by an overly friendly Jabberjaw. I can't wait for this issue, if for no other reason than to just put this on my shelf and grin every time I pass it.

Which of the DC / Hanna-Barbera one-shot crossovers are you looking forward to the most and which ones look like they'll make you laugh the hardest?

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