Infinity War Trailer #3 is here!

You should know, I'm pretty excited over this movie but I've also been avoiding spoilers like a madman. I know that running a comic shop means I should be well versed in what is coming from this movie but I absolutely refuse to ruin this for me. This was my favorite Marvel comics event as a kid. It occurred right in the middle of my high school experience and I remember sprinting from school to my local comic shop to pick up new books with a close friend of mine. Now, I know it is a Marvel movie so I'm sure they're going to change some key things. I think the trademark fight sort of ruled out including the X-Men in this event and I have yet to see Adam Warlock in any trailers. I'm not sure how they'll pull off this event without Adam Warlock. He's kind of key but, the hype train is soooooooo real right now.

Are you on the hype train for Avengers Infinity War? It's all-aboard and full speed ahead from here!

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