Sea of Thieves ad campaign is hitting big on surprises, comedy and nostalgia.

Sea of Thieves releases today for xbox and P.C. Their marketing so far has been genius. They've had several beta tests and unlocked just enough features to make everyone who tried it start begging for more. A mystery box has arrived on the doorsteps of a few Youtubers as seen here.

They also announced that their game has a Day One Patch:

But perhaps my favorite part of their marketing campaign occurred when I saw their ad titled, "Sea of Thieves: The Museum of More Pirate."

In it you have Sean Astin talking about wanting to be a pirate but being unable to because of his asthma. He then proceeds to give folks a tour and it's only at the end that you realize this is set up as a Goonies reference.

Goonies never say die.

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