IMAGE Comics Trade Paperback: The Grave Diggers Union: Volume # 1

IMAGE comics is set to release the trade paperback of The Gravediggers Union Volume # 1, which will contain issues #1-5 of the ongoing series. Announced last year by writer/editor Brittany Matter, through an article in IMAGE+ , The Gravediggers Union is set to return to comic book shelfs through this trade paperback on Wednesday, May 2nd, but won’t hit bookstores until the following week on Tuesday the 8th. Volume # 1 can be pre-ordered right now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

Brought to life/afterlife by artist Toby Cypress (Omega Men), this horror adventure is geared up to be a hodgepodge of supernatural delight, with The Gravediggers Union vigilantly standing with shovel in hand. Here’s what the debut writer, and established artist, Wes Craig (Deadly Class) had to say about his creation …


”In THE GRAVEDIGGERS UNION, VOL. 1, the supernatural world has gone berserk, and it’s all tied to a powerful cult called the Black Temple. They want to unleash ancient dark gods on mankind and bring about the apocalypse. The only things that stands in their way are Cole, Haley, and Ortiz. They’re members of the Gravediggers Union, a brotherhood sworn to defend the living from the undead. At the center of the Black Temple’s plan is a street kid named Morgan. She’s the key to the coming apocalypse. Also, she’s Cole’s estranged daughter. To find her, the Gravediggers will have to contend with a witch who hates their guts, a former cult member who used to be the world’s biggest movie star, yuppie vampires, steroid-zombies, junk golems…and no overtime pay. “

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