Dark Horse: Terminator: Sector War # 1

Coming to comic shelf's this August, Terminator: Sector War will be aiming for your attention as it takes an additional target in the past. This team up of writer Brian Wood (Aliens Defiance, Briggs Land) and artist Jeff Stokely (The Spire, Six-Gun Gorilla) look to take readers on an action packed run for life in this four issue series.
Here’s the rundown from Dark Horse

” Many are familiar with the story of The Terminator's time-traveling quest to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor in Los Angeles. Adding a new spin to the timeline, Terminator: Sector War follows a second Terminator sent to 1984 New York City to take out NYPD Officer Lucy Castro, a rookie cop assigned to one of the worst sections of the city. When she faces off against the relentless T-800, she will have to rely on unlikely allies to survive till dawn as the machine that never sleeps stalks his prey through the city that never sleeps.”

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Dark Horse’s Terminator: Sector War is set for a release date of August 15th and is currently available for pre-order.


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