Yes, I think Tom Hardy is an excellent choice for Eddie Brock. I also have to say I prefer Eddie to Flash in the whole Venom split, so you know I've been happy over some of the comic events a few months back. Of course, we're not big on spoilers around here and this post isn't directly about Venom in the comics.

This post is about the latest Venom movie trailer and I gotta say, it looks great so far! I mean fingers crossed but, I'm really digging the folks they've casted and I'm looking forward to this movie.

Tom Hardy seems a good fit and let's be honest, anything is better than Topher Grace as Eddie Brock. I'm sure some of you remember a few months back there was a rumor that we'd see Woody Harrelson play Cletus Kasady. Sadly, I didn't see any hint of Carnage in this trailer but who knows.

Are you psyched about the upcoming Venom movie?

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