Spawn is a name that has been synonymous with the name Image Comics, as it’s been a flagship series with the publishers since it’s inception when seven rogue artists/creators did the unthinkable, and left major publisher Marvel to start their own publishing company in the early 1990’s. Those gritty, in your face, untamed, wild cards of their time translated their essence right into their works, and Spawn is no less than a sum of all of the above.
With all that said, now is a great time to catch up with Al Simmons, as he tries to reclaim his humanity, after his fall to Hell. This new printing of the series will follow issues number 1 through 6 and will hit comic shops again this July 25th.

Writer: Todd McFarlane
Artist: Todd McFarlane
Cover Artist: Todd McFarlane


Here’s the rundown from image:

Now back in print—in time for the upcoming SPAWN movie—this debut volume in the Origins series features the classic stories and artwork that laid the groundwork for the most successful independent comic book ever published. This new printing of SPAWN ORIGINS, VOL. 1 features new cover art by series creator TODD McFARLANE, and introduces not only Spawn, but a number of other memorable and menacing characters as well, including Malebolgia and the Violator. Collects SPAWN # 1-6.

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