Infinity Wars: Requiem cover revealed

Requiem was revealed earlier this month as a new cosmic character and more recently Marvel gave us a peak at the first cover for the new event.

“an Infinity Stone story that will change the Marvel Universe… and the lives of those who wield the cosmic stones!”

The press release goes on to say that the event will shatter the Marvel Universe as we know it.

Looking at the cover we can see that Captain Marvel has the Power gem, Doctor Strange has the Soul gem, Star-Lord has the space gem, Black Widow has the Mind gem, Adam Warlock has the Time gem, and Turk has the Reality gem. Keep in mind, I might have mixed up my colors but if I remember correctly, that's what it looks like from the cover. Does that mean these characters will possess those specific stones? We'll have to wait and see.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that Adam Warlock is involved here. Aside from the movie, he's pretty synonymous with the Infinity Gauntlet event and if I remember correctly, ran around with the Soul gem for awhile. I am pretty surprised to see Turk in that line up but someone told me there's a good reason for it, and that I need to catch up.

Well, I like where Marvel is going with this. A universe changing event that shatters the Marvel Universe sounds like a lot of fun.

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