Veteran's Day 2018

Here at Green Machine Comics we are remembering those who served this Veteran's Day. We're actually celebrating it the day after, on Monday. On Sunday, stay home with your family and celebrate. Monday come see us for more festivities.

We will be offering discounts both online and in the store, as well as having a few active duty soldiers from the Fremont Army Recruiting Station on site, doing games and give-aways.

We won't be announcing the in store discounts until the day of but, our online store sale will be 30 percent off all comic back-issues if you use the code, 'DOPUSHUPS' at checkout.

The sale will be available on Veteran's Day, Sunday the 11th, and continue on through Monday the 12th. It will be good for your entire purchase (except shipping.) Link to our back-issues here.

We're veterans ourselves, and we can't take the day off, so this Veteran's Day come celebrate with us.

Here at Green Machine Comics, we love our active duty, retired, and remember fallen brothers and sisters. We appreciate your continued sacrifice for the rest of us.

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