Veteran's Day Sale Details

Being veteran's ourselves, we are offering store wide sales this Monday for both Veteran's and regular customers. Details are as follows:

All customers get an additional 5 percent off. This includes pull list subscribers and these discounts stack on top of your current discount.

Discounts on everything in the store, (except the Local Creator's Corner.)

Regular customers: 5%

Pull List Subs under 10 books: 10% (normally 5)

Pull List subs over 10 books: 15% (normally 10)

All Veteran's (Both active duty and retired): 20% (Normally 15)

And for those that can't celebrate Veteran's Day with us, we are currently offering 30 percent off all Back-Issues in our online store, by using the code 'DOPUSHUPS' until 11:59am on Monday morning! Enjoy and HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY from Green Machine Comics!

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