Huge thanks to Lawrence Iriarte for his in store paintings!

We had a great time Saturday and if you were here with us, we hope you enjoyed it. We featured comic artist Lawrence Iriarte doing in store paintings and a raffle to raise money for the Make a Wish foundation. Lawrence is a wonderful artist and just all around good guy who is very defensive over Dick Grayson. (No seriously, have him breakdown how amazing the relationship is between Dick and Bruce.)

We wanted to announce here that the winners of the in store raffle for the Batman print is ticket number 754594 and for Spider-man ticket number 754605. So, if you own one of those tickets, please visit our store and come pick up your custom Lawrence Iriarte print.

Thank you everyone for helping make such a successful event. We really appreciate the support! And again, a GIGANTIC thank you to Lawrence Iriarte for helping make this possible.

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