NEW-CON-FEST! (It's a mini Comic-Con)

Coming this Summer, Green Machine Comics will be hosting it's first Convention in Newpark Mall. Join us as we celebrate comics, admire collectibles, and applaud Cosplayers. This is the First, in what may become a long line New-Con-Fest 's.

This event will kick off on Saturday July 27th @ 12pm and will end that evening at 8pm. The event will conclude on Sunday the 28th, which will go from 11am to 7pm.

Joining us will be our store celebs Mick Gray and Lawrence Iriarte. They will not only be doing signings, but answering questions on Panels, and hosting their own tables! Be sure to check out these amazing artists as they do what they do.

Strap yourselves in folks, because this is more than just panels, on stage we'll also have a Sci-Fi film festival, presented by Hugo Award Winner Chris Garcia.

I did say more than just panels, right? We have some comedic talents jumping on stage to tickle funny bones. As this is a family event, it will be G and PG rated, but foul language aside, comedy is still comedy.

Cosplayers welcomed! We will have a Cosplay competition with three tiers for completion.
Grand Prize: One year free Comic Book Subscription*.
2nd Prize: Six months of One free Comic Book Subscription*.
3rd Prize: Free Trade Paperback!**

*If the comic series ends, another maybe substituted until the subscription time period is ended. Regular subscriber discounts shall not be applied, however, if the winner adds any additional subscription, all subscriber benefits shall be applied as long as the paid subscription is active.

**Not to exceed $20 in value.

The following will be the judged categories ...
1. Anime
2. Comic Book Heroes and Villans
3. Disney
4. Fantasy World
5. Group/Group Skit.

In addition, there will also be a Cosplay workshop hosted by Karousel_Cosplay

More information to come! Keep checking back with us, and we'll keep updating. Take care, comic book fans!

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