Meet our Guests Attending New-Con-Fest!

Mick Gray

Credited as:
Inker, Artist, Cover, Variant Cover, Finisher, Covers
Mick Gray has been inking comics since 1989. He has inked many DC titles over the years, including Hawkman, Chase, Zatanna, Legion of Super-Heroes, the Joker hardcover, JLA Adventures, Son of Superman, The Shield, and Promethea (for which he won an Eisner Award in 2001).

M. Todd Gallowglas

Start with raw imagination. Add two parts coffee to every one part whiskey (for best results, use Irish or Scottish single malts. Bourbon may result in a volatile mess.) Add equal heaping spoonfuls of angst, whimsy, snark, along with a dash of imposter syndrome. Shake vigorously. Once it stops frothing, drop in a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing and sprinkle a healthy dose of shenanigans on top, while chanting either, “What’s a gleeman?” or, “Tell me a story,” depending on personal taste. Yields one pantheon, a Faerie War, a cloak of tales, the thwarting of devils and demons, revolutions, Slightly Above Average Misadventures, convention panels, geek literary theory, writing classes, role-playing games, airsoft battles (because it’s cooler than paintball), and occasionally swing dancing. Best served at Con temperature. Goes well with a spouse possessing more patience than Job, three awesome children (one joy, one spirit, one pride), better friends than the dish deserves, and one small but rabidly loyal fanbase. Shiny!

John Hervey
((Mix couldn't find his image online but just imagine the most awesome dude you've ever imagined. He'd probably have smoke billowing out his hair and a long flowing beard, a steely eyed stare and be wielding a flintlock pisto- wait a minute. This is Blackbeard. Okay, well John Hervey is probably the most awesome dude you can imagine but not Blackbeard. He could be though.))

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John Hervey. John is a co-founder of Beyond Time Comics & Film along with his wife, Priscilla. His education is in business and finance, having an MBA from MIT Sloan, and is using his experience in this arena for the benefit of Beyond Time. He has experience in media, having worked for Motown’s animation division, as well as experience owning a comic book shop and a start-up in the telecommunications software space. His passion is writing with the objective of making high quality stories for God’s glory.

Christopher Adams

Christopher Adams works as an Assistant Director for film in the Bay Area. His first love has always been writing and seeing his stories manifest as films and comics. Co-Founder of an Fracture Comics, an independent comic company. With the goal of bridging the gap between American and Japanese styles, they also seek to create inclusive worlds where representation is commonplace.

Lawrence Iriarte

Comic artist from the 90s Lawrence has also been a filmmaker, producer, and director. He is a graduate of the Academy of Arts College with a B.A. in Film and Video Production. He has a background in teaching film production in the university and community college level. Lawrence is currently working on a project for Warner Bros but is also returning to comics with a few new projects in the works.

Carrie Sessarego

Carrie Sessarego is the resident 'geek reviewer' for, and the creator and writer of  When not reading and writing, you can find Carrie volunteering for the Sacramento Public Library, and getting into trouble with her mad scientist husband, amazing daughter, suitably mysterious cats, and highly neurotic dog.  Carrie's zombie apocalypse kit contains copies of Jane Eyre, Lord of the Rings, and many, many Oreos. Pick up her book, Pride, Prejudice, and Popcorn.

Cody Parcell

Cody is actor, gamer and records audiobooks. He is an all around great guy who is pretty quick on his feet. Catch his gaming talents on his Twitch stream at:

Jenni Parcell

Jenni Parcell is a woman of many talents and hats: community theatre stage manager, company manager for the Sacramento Ballet, owner of her own WordPress development business, and she serves a damn fine cup of coffee. She loves going on adventures with her husband Cody, obsessing over their three rescue cats (#adoptdontshop), and representing her house Ravenclaw with pride. You can find her on Instagram at @javaandspice.

Douglas Berry

Along with his status as a high priest of Orthodox Baseball, Doug is an amateur historian with a focus on the Eastern Roman and Ottoman empires. He also has a frankly disturbing obsession with penguins. Slowed slightly by a stroke, he’ll still happily discuss anything you like, at length. Especially Byzantine penguins. He has been gaming since 1977 and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Doug has written for several editions of Traveller, most notably authoring At Close Quarters (BITS) with James Lindsay, and GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces (Steve Jackson Games). Doug has been married to the lovely Kirsten (who is not a penguin) for 27 years.

Steven Mix

Author Steven Mix is the creator of the Mixy award, has worked with the autism community for a non-profit organization, and was a paratrooper in the U.S. Army. He has two books available with a third on the way. He is co-owner of Green Machine Comics along with his battle buddy Steven (Yogi) Ybarra. He is tired and probably needs coffee about now.

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