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Meet our Guests Attending New-Con-Fest!

Mick Gray Credited as: Inker, Artist, Cover, Variant Cover, Finisher, Covers Mick Gray has been inking comics since 1989. He has inked many DC titles over the years, including Hawkman, Chase, Zatanna, Legion of Super-Heroes, the Joker hardcover, JLA Adventures, Son of Superman, The Shield, and Promethea (for which he

Free Comic Book Day 5/4/19

Don't forget, next week on May the 4th we will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day in our store! C'mon through and pick out a comic or two for you and talk all things comic related with us! We will also have a select few goodies for sale like a

Shifted from Shopify to eBay

Shopify wasn't a good online business model for our store. It was a bit costly and we had issues with their shipping tier system so we've swapped over to an eBay storefront. Our same merchandise is there it's just in a new listing is all. The online store link should

Hellboy Day March 23rd 2019!

It's no secret that we here at Green Machine comics favor the color green, but for one day this year, we will champion the color red! Come visit our store on Saturday March 23rd and get some a free Hellboy comic and some merchandise as we celebrate the 25th anniversary